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A Warm Welcome to Ginger & Lemon Nail & Beauty Salon

At Ginger & Lemon Nail & Beauty Salon, we care about quality therefore we use the best well-known products such as OPI, Artistic Nail Design, Creative Shellac, and other leading brands to offer you the best nail services and beauty treatments. We have a wide range of choices with thousands of nail polish and gel colours for you to choose from. Are you looking for professional nail and beauty specialists who care for your nails and beauty. Look no further than Ginger & Lemon Nail & Beauty Salon in Queensway, London. Our professional team will give you our top tips and advices and best suitable nail and beauty services for you.

Professional Nail Care & Beauty Services Prices

Natural Nail Care

Shape and Paint (Hands)£15
Shape and Paint (Feet)£20
Classic Manicure£25
Classic Pedicure£38
Luxury Manicure£35
Luxury Pedicure£50
Classic Manicure and Pedicure£60
Luxury Manicure & Pedicure£80

Acrylic/Gel Powder

Fullset Acrylic regular polish£40
Infill Acrylic regular polish£32
Fullset Gel Powder regular polish£43
Infill Gel Powder regular polish£35
Shellac add on+£15
Fullset Ombre£55
Infill Ombre£50
Take Off Powder£20
Take Off + New set+£10 on New set
Long Nails ExtraFrom £5


Shellac Manicure (Free Take off)£40
Shellac Pedicure (Free Take Off)£50
Shellac Mani & Pedicure£80
Shape and Paint (Hands)£28
Shape and Paint (Feet)£28
Take Off Shellac£13
Take Off + Normal Polish£25
Take Off + Classic Manicure£30
Take Off + Classic Pedicure£45

Other Services

Cut and Shape£10
Nail RepairFrom £5
Full Set Big Toe£10
Full Set 2 Big Toes£15
Nail Art designfrom £5

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